Sunday, April 26, 2009

Country Porker

I'm from the South ... and I love corn pone and biscuits ... just couldn't pass this up when my hair got too curly so I rolled with it ... all I'm missing is a corn cob pipe!

Noticed that I'm the ONLY person that has voted for me on the 'Best Ass Contest' ... if you don't want to hit that juicy butt ... duh ...

I'm continuing to add more video clips and full length movies - make sure you check my calendar to see them all.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just finished uploading this week's update ... slowly licking and then taking things into my own hands and riding Vegas Bad Boy till I get what I need.

Realized it's been quite a few weeks since I've 'blogged' - I honestly have updated on a regular basis (every Saturday) ... but guess I'm forgetting to let anyone else know - LOL.

You can always go to my calendar to get a quick update on what's been added - just click on what interests you and my ass is in your face!

Been working on my streaming video site - up to about 30 movies in there now - of course I realized that unfortunately there are some videos that I will not be allowed to update - seems bondage and sex in the same 'scene' are a big NO NO. Personally I like a little bit of force sometimes (that's the submissive in me) but certain movies can only be purchased via mail order. I've got about 4-7 videos that haven't been listed yet on my video page and promise to mark those that can not be 'posted' later this afternoon. Don't forget that you can get full-length streaming movies (about 30 as of right now) for just $19.95 until the end of April 2009.

Vote for my ass - I personally think it's the best one on the current contest - look for me at the bottom - covered with sand! Vote every day - I want to win :-)


Saturday, March 21, 2009

School Girl Outfit

I'm not a 'school girl' by any stretch of imagination - turned 50 this year - but I have to admit that I LOVE a short flirty skirt (the upskirt views are plump & juicy) and immediate access can't be beat !

Don't forget that I update my calendar every Saturday - just click on the thumbnail that you're interested in and see a quick preview of what members get on a weekly basis.

I've been fairly busy this week - my full length movie site (movies only with unlimited access for 30 days) now has 24 full length movies available - over 11.5 HOURS of viewing pleasure for just $19.95. Pricing is going up the end of April. You can always check my video page to see when YOUR favorite movie will be added - I'm trying to add at least 2 movies each week.

I'm also trying to add 1-4 video clips on a weekly basis ... 'trying' is the 'key' word - but members always get immediate access to everything that is loaded.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Streaming movies and SO much more...

There are now 22 movies in my movie only membership site ... only $19.95 - that's less than $1 per movie !!!
Pricing is going up the end of April to $29.95 (there should be another 10 movies added by that time - but it's still going to be a mind-blowing bargain).

Of course there are always pictures - thousands upon thousands of pictures - this week I've got more funky shoes (mini boots actually) and when I pull my thong tight ... mmmm... makes me wet.
Check it all out - membership to LasVegasCandi is always the 'best' option for your buck - includes free cam & house shows thru Rude and most video clips are available for download.


Sunday, March 08, 2009


Purple panties and walking in them made my lips so 'puffy' ... had to 'hide' it for a minute ...
Check out the very unique shoes ... and think puffy at all times :-)
Don't forget that I have a LARGE selection of video clips on Rude - you can quickly preview them here - or as a member you always get them 'free' !
Really need to get my camera into the shop ... the shutter died half way across so have had to rely on other people's cameras - sure miss mine ...
Remember if you see an error please contact me (email or yahoo) and let me know.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Better & Better

I'm only ONE day late on 'blogging' - but I did update yesterday - might actually get the hang of being on time - LOL.
Adonna and I were goofing off and the camera started snapping ... happens a lot - but some cute pictures.
Actually added 9 new videos today to the member's section - get a 'preview' of the 92 videos available (on top of the 500+ downloadable videos and 20+ full-length streaming movies) by looking at the bottom of the 'join' page.
Adding a wet & messy full-length (20 minutes) video where Adonna & I squirt chocolate syrup all over Vegas Bad Boy and try to make him cum - we were laughing so hard - think we spoiled it for him...

Remember during these rough times - $5 porn is still a bargain !


Ooops ...

Yep - best of intentions - the downfall of civilized nations - and I can also claim CRS as an issue ... not really - but sounds good - LOL.

I'm caught up at the 'moment' - lots of good updates this month - check out the month at a glance by going to the Calendar for a quick 'visual' - 3 months is now available ... which is a 'good' thing.

Like the layered look ? Pantyhose, stockings and even more stockings ? Check out the way my shapely calves are shimmered in 2 pairs of stockings and encased in pantyhose ... and my ass is protruding !

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year !

It's going to be a GREAT New Year - hell I just did this week's update two days early - LOL - ok - so that's not that 'important' but at least I'm on the 'right' track.

Been working on my site all day long - you'll notice some really unique new features ... a calendar that links directly to each update ... ok it only goes back to last month - but hey - it's a visual of what's out there :-)

This week's update is upskirt and smoking (literally). Also I've added a 'few' video clips ... about 69 of them to be exact - you can even see a preview with thumbnails right before joining ... actually I'm in the process of uploading 5 more right now so you'll see a few more - squirting and panties was today's theme.

Even found my registration so that I could start adding full-length movies again - lost my hard drive last year and you know how that can really ruin your day (life). There are 20 FULL-LENGTH movies in the members section and over 500 downloadable video clips.

I'm still spending way too much time on MySpace - if you're into playing games hit me up and join me in Vampires, Gang Wars, Mafia Wars and of course Mobsters !